Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim, Sing and Girlfriends

We have had a busy week. The girls have been in swimming lessons this week and Rachel was in a music camp.

   Before lessons.
                              Don't they look so excited? Both girls did great in their classes.
The lighting is the worst inside the swimming place and they don't let the parents close to the kids during lessons, so these pictures are not good. But I wanted a shot of the girls in their class.

Friday evening, we went to see Rachel's music camp put on a show about Daniel and the lion's den. Rachel was one of the many lions.
The black arrow is pointing to Rachel. She isn't the tallest girl and got a little lost in the crowd.
After the musical, the girls went home and I went to my MOMS club summer party. My friend Meredith lives in the country and has a big house perfect for parties. I had a nice night talking with all my girlfriends from the club.
                                           I can't believe that June is over already!
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