Friday, June 22, 2012

Alphabet Summer- Letter T

Back in April, Rachel and her classmates went on a fieldtrip to Gwinnett Enviromental & Heritage Center. They toured the exhibits and learned all about water and conservation. The last part of the fieldtrip, the class went outside to see a new adventure course called Treetop Quest. It is an adventure course with suspension bridges, zip lines, etc... Rachel talked and talked about it for days. So yesterday we stopped in and she tried out the course.

First, everyone is fitted with a harness and gloves and you go through a safety and instructional area. Our instructor was really nice. He was saying words like "harness, laynard, tweetzil"-- Rachel was looking at him like he was talking a foreign language. And I guess he kind of was, but once he showed her how to work all the locks, carabineers and pulley she caught on really quick and was ready to go.

Since it is summer, I was nervous that there might be lots of kids there from local daycares and summercamps. Ended up we were the only people there! It was very peaceful and nice to hear birds chirping and see squirrels running around.
The course has five different levels and which level you can go on is determined by age and height. Rachel was able to complete both level one and two.
She loved it and did great! I was confident in her skills, but was saying some serious prayers the whole time she was up in the trees.
                                                          Zip lining!
Our instructor told me it took eight months for the course to be built. They brought over two builders from France to build the course. There are no nail or screws into any of the trees. It is all very enviromentally friendly.
This bridge was the trickiest one for her and she got a little panicky, but managed to get across.

Rachel had a little trouble getting the pulley on the line correctly, so our instructor zipped up to help her.

Rachel is already talking about going back and wants to have her birthday party there next year. It turned out to be a great day for her and I think I might try it out next time.

Alphabet summer Letter I and Letter M.

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