Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Photo

This was right after Rebecca had woken up this morning and has some serious bedhead going on. Thankfully her hair is covering up yet another bruise on her forehead. The poor thing has had a bruise on her face for almost a month. Sometimes I think she needs to wear a helmet-ha!

The weather dropped about twenty degrees in the past few days and so I broke out the footie pajamas.
When Rebecca saw them last night after her bath she was excited and said " look Mom pajamas with shoes!" It was the cutest thing ever. Rachel and I were laughing and tried to correct her, but she wasn't changing her mind. 

Yesterday I had just dropped off Rebecca at preschool and was enjoying my alone time at Target when Rachel's school called. She wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. So I didn't get my errands done and that meant today Rebecca and I ventured out for awhile. We went to JCPennys to pick up something I had ordered. And we saw and talked to Santa Claus. Rebecca wasn't sure what to think of Santa and wanted me to hold her, but she did talk to him a little. I should have taken a picture but thought of it too late.

Rebecca's outfit of the day. They don't show well but she has on the cutest boots! They were Rachel's and I love them. I wish I had bought some in every size.

And I have to mention that I am proud of myself- as of October 14, I have been blogging for two years! I never thought I would last this long, but am glad I have. This blog is a great way to keep track of memories for our family.
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