Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Singing in the Rain

This morning I had Bible study at church. Late yesterday the rain and wind moved into Georgia, so Rebecca wanted to take her Dora umbrella and rain boots to church. I thought she looked cute and she did a good job at keeping herself dry.

I had to take Rebecca to the doctor Monday morning because she had the worst diaper rash due to some ongoing digestive troubles. The poor thing was feeling miserable and complained whenever I picked her up.  The medicine from the doctor seems to be helping. We have been  to the doctor four times in three weeks- hoping we don't have any more illnesses for a long time!

   Two years old is a trying age, but Rebecca is so entertaining and smart lately. She has started singing songs from preschool for me. It is cute to hear her little voice- she likes "this little light of mine" and "thank you Father".  She seems to be growing up way too fast!

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