Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Weekend

It seems that it is the season for outdoor festivals around town and we are taking advantage of them all. Raphael had studying to do on Saturday, so  the girls and I went to a festival at a nearby church.

The girls each painted a little pumpkin and played a bunch of games. And we went on our fifth hayride of the fall.

And some pictures Raphael got of the girls playing out in the yard.

Sunday after church Rachel and I went to a friends house to make some Halloween cake pop kind of treats. Our cakepops were made out of crushed Oreos and mixed with cream cheese- they tasted really good!

 The girls watched a the Charlie Brown pumpkin movie and then played outside for awhile. Rachel had a great time with her friends.

And this morning, Rebecca and I went to Costco for a big shopping trip. I am always nervous about how Rebecca will behave, but today she was so good! And I had to get her out of the buggy and walk because we needed more room in the cart. I am so thankful she is getting closer to three years and has a bit more self control and patience. We ate some frozen yogurt before we went home.

Rebecca is sick again! She has a cold and it looks like she will be staying home from preschool tomorrow. I am hoping that she feels better by Thursday for her costume party at preschool on Thursday.
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