Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple Jubilee

For the past two years we have taken the girls to an apple orchard in the Georgia mountains. You can see our past adventures here . Since Raphael is out of town and I need to keep the girls busy I decided it would be a good day to visit.

I love seeing how excited Rebecca gets about being out and about and having fun at activities. At times like these I can see just how much she has grown and how independent she is.

 A few photos from the rest of the day.......

Rebecca is still too little to reach the petals on the john deere bikes, but didn't want me to help her. She figured out how to move the bike by herself.

The petting farm is Rachel's favorite spot. We probably spent an hour in there. Rebecca is getting alot braver with the animals.

They have trained the goats to climb way up high onto a platform and use their teeth to pull up a cup with food in it. It is the silliest thing to see those goats, but very entertaining.

Rebecca loved playing in the tepee. The picture below is from last year's visit.

Rachel tried out the go-karts. She did a good job at keeping up with the boys! She was the only girl out there and a bit of a crazy driver. After the go-karts we were done for the day and headed home.

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