Friday, October 7, 2011

Pugs Love Hugs

A few weeks ago I saw this t-shirt at Gymboree and knew that Rachel would love it. But, since it is a Gymboree shirt, it cost way too much for a seven year old girl.  I waited for it to go on sale and used my gymbucks to buy for half price! Rachel wore it to school the other day and wanted her picture with Lola.  Lola was a bit distracted by all the kids running around the street, so she isn't giving her best smile. We love our pug!

Both of the girls had doctor appointments this week.  Yesterday was Rachel's seven year check up. She has the nicest doctor and he is always so patient with me and my million questions that I ask.

 Rachel had to get the flu shot and was trying to hide out under the exam table. She got pretty upset with the shot, but recovered quickly with some toys from the treasure box. 

And this morning Rebecca and I went to see her allergy doctor for an annual checkup. I brought a bag full of toys and books, but she wanted to play with their toys instead.

After the doctor we had to go to the lab and have Rebecca's blood drawn-fun times! We waited almost an hour to before it was our turn. Rebecca did well in the waiting room and kept herself entertained. She cried really hard with the needle stick.  The doctor wants to see her blood levels to determine if her peanut allergy is getting better/worse/ or the same.  While we were at the lab, Rachel's school called. She was in the nurses' office and having asthma issues and a headache. So I went and picked her up from school.  Everyone is taking a little nap right now and hopefully will be feeling better soon!

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