Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last of the Vacation Pictures!

Last week we were on vacation at the beach. I blogged about it here and here if you want to see what we were up to.  While we were in Charleston we visited the aquarium, the kids museum, a waterpark and a plantation . A few final pictures of our trip!

 Perla at the aquarium.
 I stayed with Rebecca in the little kids section, so I didn't see much. Raphael and his parents liked it.

 The waterpark we took the girls to.

Roy celebrated his birthday! We had a little party, complete with the cake and ice cream.

There were a few tears on the trip.

We went to Magnolia Plantation for a tour. It had beautiful gardens, petting zoo and Raphael went on a tour of the house with his parents.

 the main house

 I love the moss growing in the trees, so pretty. And according to our tour guide, it is not really moss.

The houses where the slaves lived- two families per house. Sad, but true.

On the tram checking out the plantation. Rachel and Abuela laughing about something- the heat makes you laugh at just about anything!

We had a great vacation- lots of family time and memories made!

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