Thursday, July 28, 2011


                                                                Fountain at Waterfront  Park

Our house in Folly Beach was about twenty minutes from downtown Charleston. On quite a few days we drove into town for some sightseeing activities.  For Charleston, either Raphael or I stayed home with Rebecca. She is still way too little to make it through a boat tour or trolly ride without having a major meltdown. Charleston is so full of history and there were so many things I would have loved to see, but with kids it just doesn't happen. But we did manage to see quite a few sights.

This is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. We never drove over it, but Raphael, Rachel and his parents went on a boat tour and they went under it!

This picture is the ONLY one we managed to take in a week of togetherness that had all four of us. It was at Battery Park. Rebecca was eating candy and Rachel was not happy about having her picture. Better luck to us next time I guess.

For a day, Perla, Rachel and I toured around town. We started at Battery Park by the harbor and walked through the narrow streets looking at the sights. We had lunch, Rachel splashed in the fountains and we made it to the market.

The houses were beautiful! Covered with vines and gorgeous flowers. Many houses had a plaque explaining how old they were, original owners, etc.... I would love to live in a big old house. But the streets are sooo tiny. I would be hitting everything with our big SUV-ha!

Two sweet pups guarding the house from all the tourists. They never moved from the steps or barked.

Colorful houses and hotels in downtown.

We spent some time looking for gifts at the city market. It was packed full of tourists and had crazy gifts like keychains made from alligator feet.  There were ladies on each street corner weaving baskets. The baskets are everywhere in Charleston and they are expensive. Amazing to watch them weaving them togteher.

After the market, Perla and I realized how far we needed to go in order to walk back to the car. It was a hot and humid day and I wasn't sure if Rachel would make it. Earlier we had seen a bike taxi and Rachel really wanted to have a ride, so we took one back to the car.

The guy who took us was so nice. I think it was the best eleven dollars we spent all week!

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