Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pringle Park and Popsicles

I took the girls to a great park the other day. The entire playground is covered by a wooden gazebo type structure. There are big fans in the top to help create a breeze. I think every playground in Georgia should be like this- from April till October it is too hot to play at the park unless there is some kind of shade.

Big girl doing the stairs all by herself. She didn't want any help at all!

Rachel begged me to be able to take a friend to the park to play with. I tried calling several friends, but no one could make it. We were at the park about two minutes when we discovered Rachel's friend, Kai, was there!

These two have been friends since they were two years old! They were in preschool together and we also go to the same church. They were so happy to have someone to play with and so were Alex(Kai's dad) and myself. The park it alot more fun when you have a friend!

They played for hours and just about time to go home the park's sprinklers came on!

I was kind of wanting to run through the water myself. The girls had fun and Rebecca was running around with them. Thankfully, I had extra clothes and towels in the car, so it all worked out perfect.

And we eat a few popsicles for dessert during the summer.

Even Lola gets a treat!

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