Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Times Two

Today is my Mom's Happy Birthday and Mother's Day! 
Now that I have been a mom for a few years, I have a much greater appreciation for everything that my Mom did for our family over the years. She kept our house going, attend lots of school events, helped at church, worked full-time, and dealt with two girls that were a bit "high maintaince" at times! Now she is my friend and a very loving Nana to my two little girls.
Love you Mom!


My GreatGrandma Pauline holding her daughter Ivy

             I am all of the experiences we've shared and each of the things I've done on my own.
                          I am the stories we've read in books and the ones written in my heart.

My Grandma Ivy with my Uncle Wayne and my Mom

I am the favorite recipes on index cards,
spotted and torn,
and the old photographs in my family album .

My Mom and me.

Mom, me and little sister Amy

I am the traditions passed down through the years
and the new ones
picked up along the way.

My Mom holding Rachel at the hospital

Grandma Ivy holding Rachel

I am my mother's daughter,
different from her and yet the same.
And I can't think of anyone else I would rather be.


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  1. Great post, Jennifer! It is fun to see the family resemblances (spelling?)through the generations. I saw a little of both you and your girls as I looked at each picture. Happy mother's day!