Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Field Day Fun 2011

The end-of-the-school year activities are in full swing at Rachel's school the next few days. Yesterday was field day! Rachel was so excited and had a great time. I stopped by the school for awhile to check things out.

When I arrived, her class was doing some sort of relay race. Rachel was the last one to go and I quick snapped some pictures. It looked fun and the kids were laughing lots.

They went outside for lots of water games. Which was a good thing, since it is already smokin' hot here. Supposed to be ninety degrees this week!  For this game they had to take off a shoe and try to pick up marbles with their toes from a kiddie pool.  One team picked up a hundred marbles  in two minutes.

Then it was time to go inside for a break, so I said good-bye and went to do a bunch of errands. Rachel came home and told me all the details. She was excited and exhausted all in one- dangerous combination for a kid! She was in bed and asleep by 7:30!

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