Friday, July 9, 2010

Pug Playdate

We have the nicest mail lady. Her name is Miss Sharon and she has been delivering our mail for the past four years. She is so sweet- she would give Rachel candy and dog treats for Lola. When Rebecca was born, she put a "Best Big Sister"ribbon in the mailbox for Rachel. She always has a smile and a kind word to say.

Right after we moved here, she saw me out in the yard with Lola. Sharon told me that she has two pugs of her own- Frank and Precious.  We have been talking about getting the pugs together ever since, and finally this past Sunday, we did it!
Rachel and Frank

It was so cute to see three pugs running around and playing. Frank and Precious are BIG pugs- Close to thirty pounds. Makes Lola look skinny!

Trying to get all three together for a group photo-ha!

Rebecca loved Frank- she kept trying to hug him and chased him all around.

Raphael was trying to bribe them to sit and look at the camera with some cheese.

The three amigos!

It was fun and I think Lola had a good time. Happy weekend!

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