Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spa Day

For Mother's Day this year, Raphael and the girls gave me a gift certificate to a nearby hotel  called the Chateau Elan- that also happens to have a winery, golf course, and an incredible spa!  I invited my good friend Ashley to join me for the day and we had the best time.

It is so pretty and everything is plush and smells good too. i wanted to take lots of pictures, but thought I probably shouldn't. The bathroom area is crazy beautiful- chandeliers and waterfalls. It was just too much.  Anyways, Ashley and I both changed into our lovely robes and slippers and sipped on chilled cucumber water until our appointments. I went for a "salt glow" which is like a massage, but with salt instead of lotion. Ashley had a massage  and then we met up for lunch.

Here we are having lunch in our robes! It was so fun, and all the other ladies were in robes too. Ashely and I agreed  that we could do this every weekend and it would never get old. The food was fabulous of course.
After lunch, we had awhile before our next appointment, so we went to the "quiet room" it is a big room with comfy chairs, candles, pretty music playing and you are supposed to be quiet and enjoy the peacefullness. Well, for quite awhile we were the only ones in there, so of course we talked and talked. And then the door would open, and we would stop. And then back to talking some more. Finally, it was time for our pedicures.

In the bathroom/lockeroom there were these twisty sprial staircases and I kept wondering what was up there. Turned out that is where you go to get your nails done. It was the nicest nail room I have ever been in. Rose petals sprinkled in the water for your feet to soak and even on the chairs where we were sitting. Ashley and I sat next to each other and talked nonstop. I think our nail people thought we were crazy- we talked about alot of different topics in a hour. My toes look really good and I found a new nail color too.
After our nails were done, we went for "tea time" and enjoyed some tea, fruit and desserts. Then sadly, it was time to go. Big thanks to my husband for giving me such a wonderful gift- I loved every minute of it and can't wait to go again!
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