Thursday, July 8, 2010

Backyard Fun

 Today was a hot one! The temperatures were in the high nineties/low one hundreds. The girls and I made a quick trip to Sam's Club. It was the first time I had shopped there since we have moved to Georgia. We are Cost-co kind of people, but I discovered that Sams sells Pampers diapers, so we made a stop in today.  
Then home for Rebecca's nap and Rachel and I headed to the backyard. I set up a sprinkler/water play mat kind of deal for Rachel and she played for a long time. She has quite the imagination and played with her "water" Barbie that Nana and Papa sent her last week. I sat nearby with my feet soaking in the water and listened to her talking and pretending with her Barbie friend. Later we had a water bottle fight and sprayed water at any poor bug that happened to come a little to close to Rachel's sprinkler! Rachel had lots of fun and the cold water felt really good today. Then back inside to bake up some brownies and get ready for swimming lessons.

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