Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Rachel asked repeatedly last summer to go camping, but no luck. And then she asked several more times this spring- so last week we loaded up the car and went camping. We have done tent camping in the past, but too hard with a little one and it always rains and the tent always leaks, so this time we stayed at the K.O.A. in Chattanooga.  We stayed in a Kamping Lodge- with its own bathroom, a room with bunkbeds and a full kitchen. They can really pack a lot of stuff into one tiny little cabin. There were some stressful nights, but overall we had a good time and Rachel loved it!
The first afternoon there we went swimming and then back for dinner. Of course we roasted marshmellows and made smores. Rachel got pretty good at making her marshmellow golden brown.

This was the cutest little  camper across the way from us. I would love to see what it looked like inside?

Rebecca being silly in the cabin and wearing Rachel's goggles.


On on first full day there, we went to an old fashioned amusement park- Lake Winnie. It was lots of fun. Rachel and Raphael rode every single ride that Rachel could go on. Rebecca and I mostly watched, but did take in a few rides too. It had good rides for kids and it was not crowded! Rachel rarely had to wait in line!

we took a train ride around the park and they handed out lollipops to the kids. Rebecca was so excited to have one of her own.

The next day we went to the Tennessee Aquarium. It was wonderful to be inside for the day. It was really hot and humid while we were there. The aquarium was great- not crowded either and really nice exhibits.

touching the manta rays

lots of fish to look at.

they had a butterfly house and one of the butterflies ended up in Rachel's hair!

we also stopped at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo exhibit/hotel and looked at some old fashioned trains.

After the aquarium we went to a local park that had water fountains and let the girls play.

All around the fountains were animals craved from stone- really beautiful


We did come home a day early. But on the way we stopped at the Racoon Caverns for a quick underground tour. Rebecca was asleep, so Rachel and her Dad went on this adventure by themselves.

Our trip was lots of fun and Chattanooga seems like a great town. I know we will back for another visit soon.


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