Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Day

Today was an exciting day for Rachel- all the kindergarten classes had field day. They spent the entire day playing games and having fun. She couldn't wait to get to school and have fun with her friends.Rebecca and I went to check out the kids and it looked like they were all having a good time.

trying the rope climb

Rachel and her BFF


This has nothing to do with field day-just made me laugh. On my way out of the school, I walked by Rachel's classroom. They had papers hanging outside on the wall.Each student had written a question and then went and "surveyed" the class and then made a tally mark for yes or no answers. The kids wrote" did you brush your teeth today? or do you ride the bus to school?"  Rachel's question:
"Does your mom let you have sugar?"

That girl is something else-ha! Gotta love her-and I do!

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