Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Second Stop -- Portland, Oregon

We left Washington state and drove down to Portland,OR.
We dropped off our stuff our Airbnb and headed out to see the city.
We started at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).
I thought it might be fun to ride the tram from the hospital.
The tram was built to transport employees, but anyone can ride it.
Once at the bottom, we found a map of the area and started to walk
towards the waterfront.
One thing we figured out quickly is that Portland is a big time bike riding
kind of town. So many people on bikes, They have special lanes and street
lights just for bicycles.

We took the girls to the waterfront and showed them the restaurant,
McCormick and Schmidt. It was where Raphael and I had our first date.
Trying to figure out how the water fountain works.
We had dinner and walked back to the tram.
Most mornings on our trip, I got up early and went running. I loved our house in Portland.
It was in the "Hollywood" district and had some cute, old fashioned houses.
I enjoyed all the flowers in the neighborhood. It brought back memories of our
garden in Washington.
Found several of these little libraries. "leave a book, take a book".
We ate breakfast at The Screen Door. A very popular restaurant that serves
Southern food with a Northwest twist. Whatever they call it, we loved the food.
The almost hour wait was worth it.

We only had one full day in Oregon, so we decided to go see the Pacific Ocean.
We went to Cannon Beach.
The girls' first time seeing the Pacific. It was a little different than the Gulf of Mexico that they
are used to.  The water is cold and it was a cloudy and foggy day.
We walked the beach and went to check out Haystack Rock.
We finished with pizza and another quick look at the ocean.
Then it was time to go back to the house. We needed to pack up and
get ready to drive to Bend, OR the next morning.

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