Friday, July 14, 2017

First Stop -- Seattle

At the end of June we flew out to Seattle, WA.
We were meeting up with family in Bend, OR and
decided to make it a tour of the Pacific Northwest.
We hadn't been back to Washington in 10 years and wanted
to show the girls where we used to live.
We stayed in Airbnb the entire time. It was a cute house in West Seattle.
After we dropped off our luggage, we drove over to Maple Valley.
We wanted to show the girls the houses we lived in .
The bottom house was a house we rented while the top house
was being built. We were also able to stop in on some
neighbors and talk for awhile.
The next morning, we ddrove into Seattle to see the sights.
First stop was the Space Needle.
Checking out the view.
The day started a little cloudy and cool, but the sun came out!
We added our name to the electronic map of the world that is in
the Space Needle. It shows all the people from all around the world that
have visited. Pretty cool.
Then we walked right next to the Needle to visit the
Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.
It was amazing to see the glass art and the gardens were beautiful.

We had lunch and then a very quick trip through the Pacific
Science Center. We learned about dinosaurs, bugs, the human
body, butterflies, etc...
We also learned about gravity, pendulums, the power of water.
We rode this bike. It was scary, but fun.
We took a ride on the Monorail to
downtown Seattle area. We were trying to get to the very
first Starbucks, but it was a walk, and we were short on time.
So we stopped at a regular Starbucks for coffee break,

We rode the Monorail back to the parking garage and then drove over
to Safeco Field to see a Seattle Mariners baseball game.
It was a perfect night for a baseball game.

The next day we headed down to see the famous Pike Street Market.

Of course, we watched them throw the fish!
The Market is amazing, but sensory overload.
We made our way to Gum Alley.
It is a little back alley way next to the Market.
People chew gum and stick it to the wall. There are 1000s of
pieces of gum. Gross, but kind of cool too.
We took a ride on the Pier Ferris Wheel.
There were some amazing views of downtown Seattle and
the water front.
We finished with a visit to the Seattle Aquarium.
I know walked around the water front and Pier 66 area.
We ate The Red Robin and visited the Old Curiosity Shop and ate ice cream.
We went back to the house and packed up because the next morning we were heading to
Portland, Oregon. On our way to Oregon, we made a quick stop in Puyallup.
We went back to the very first house that Raphael and I lived in.
Loved that little house.
Lots of good memories there.
We brought Rachel home from the hospital to this house.
And Lola joined us here too.

Next stop...... Portland, Oregon.

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