Monday, June 5, 2017

End of the School Year 2017

We made it through another year of school!!!
Can't believe how fast the school year went.
A few pictures of Rebecca with her teachers at Sage School.
These three ladies are incredible. They taught Rebecca so much
this year. I had a teacher conference the last few days and Rebecca
has improved dramatically at Sage.

Rebecca won  the right to name the library at school.
It took a while to come up with a name that rhymed, but we did it!
I wanted to get a picture of her with her sign.
Rachel made the honor roll at school.
We went to a little award ceremony and then met with some
of her friends for ice cream.  7th grade was harder for Rachel,
proud of her for getting good grades.

We are officially on summer vacation!!!
Two days after school was out, we drove to Alabama for a week
and enjoyed time at the beach. I hope to blog about it soon.

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