Saturday, March 18, 2017

Life Lately

Well, it is the middle of March, so guess I better update the blog :).   We have been up to life as usual....

Rebecca's school celebrated Dr. Seuss Day.
Everyone got to dress up in something related to him.
We went with a basic Cat in the Hat.

Most Friday mornings, Rachel and I go to the Waffle House.
She has her waffle and bacon and we chat, then off to school!
March weather has been crazy... warm and then super cold.
But on a nice day we all went for a walk in the woods.
The girls and I have been talking about Lent.
I am doing a Bible study from She Reads Truth and I order this game
to teach the girls about Lent.
I love my dentist! I had an appointment and finally got to meet
the puppies! They are brother and sister and spend their days
at the office.
Rebecca was able to participate in AWANA Games this year! Her team did great
and the Sparks won first place!! So proud of her!
We had a rainy night and the girls wanted to go out and play in the rain,
so we did.
Game night.
We have Luck Charms on St. Patrick's Day.
We had a busy Friday...
Muffins with Mom
Lunch and a St. Patty's Day mint milkshake.
And we had to go see Beauty and the Beast.

Finally, this... The lady who has designed my blog, sent me all the old blog designs that she
had made for me over the years. Can't believe the girls were ever that little.

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