Friday, July 8, 2016

Photos from My Phone

As usual, I am behind with all the blogging. We have been on the go a lot the past few weeks. So, before I forget, a few pictures of where we have been................................

I made the girls watch "Finding Nemo" with me and then the
next day we went to see " Finding Dory". I really liked it.
We celebrated Father's Day. We went to church for Papa Palooza and then
a big lunch for Raphael and my Dad. It was great to have my Dad here.
Summer reading at the library.
I took the girls to the park to play in the streams and cool off.
Rebecca had SonShine camp each morning at 9, but Rachel didn't go to
tennis until 10, so we went for breakfast at the Waffle House.
We had our house painted !!
I hosted a little party for my MOMS club friends.
Hanging out at Nana and Papa's house and enjoying late summer nights.
Cleaning out all the junk from the bedrooms!
I paid Rachel for every stuffed animal she gave away :)
I tried the spin class at the gym and lived to tell about it.

We try to get in as many days at possible at the pool !

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