Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July 2016

We had a fun and busy Fourth of July weekend ! We were kind of all over the place with activities and managed to pack in a lot of fun.  On Saturday, we went to our friends' neighborhood for a big pool party and fireworks show.
The girls swam forever and Rebecca went down the waterslide a hundred times.
It is fun to see her being more advanced with her swimming skills. All the swim
lessons are paying off --- thank you Tia Ivy !!
We enjoyed the fireworks and were possibly a little too close to the action.
Some of the fireworks went a little crazy and we needed to back it up for
safety reasons :)

On Sunday, we went to church and then later in the evening, the girls had
a water balloon fight and we roasted marsh
mellows and had s'mores.
Filling up the balloons. This is the way to go, it fills a bunch all at once.
A rain storm came along, so we ended up under the deck and then
had to move inside, but still was a good night.
I was up early on the Fourth to meet with some friends to go to Atlanta
and run the Peachtree Road Race 10k.
Me, Jamie, Mary and Candy
It was a much better experience this summer, than last. I plan to blog about it soon.
I was happy with my finish time and got home for a quick shower and tried on
my Race shirt.
We celebrated with my parents and a lot of good food for lunch. It was kind of quick because we
were heading to Stone Mountain for fireworks.
                                                                Nana, Papa and the girls.
Stone Mountain puts on a big Fourth of July show. We thought it
would be the best, especially for Amy to see. The park was crazy
busy, sooo many people!
Just a few thousand people!
While we waited for darkness, we went to the Sky Hike area. The big kids,
did the Hike and Rebecca did the little kids area. And we gave the rock
climbing wall a try too.
Finally , it was dark enough and the laser and firework show started.
It is super hard to get a good picture, so this is what I went for.
We loved the show and the fireworks are amazing. Totally worth all
the hassle and fuss to get there. We battled the crowds and traffic and finally
made it home and to bed way past midnight.
It was a fun weekend. And forever grateful for our country and our freedoms.

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