Wednesday, June 1, 2016

So Long to School and Randomness

As usual, I am a bit behind in keeping up with this blog :) . The days have been zooming by and I just can't seem to catch up. So before it gets too late, a few pictures from the last days of school and a few other random ones thrown in there too ....................

Rachel's school had an awards ceremony and Rachel made the honor roll and
also got a special award in reading. Proud of her !
I got to help out in Rebecca's class for her end of the year party. The theme was Hawaiian and all the kids had a good time. Rebecca and her teacher, Ms. Rutecky.
Last day of school pictures. They were both excited to be finishing up with school. After school, the girls and I went out for pizza to celebrate and then over to church for AWANA Award night.
Rebecca worked super hard this year and finished her Sparks book ,so she earned a ribbon.
Other stuff...
My parents had the girls for a weekend, so we went to IKEA for awhile and then out to eat.
Rebecca finally watched the Wizard of Oz. I am not a fan of the movie. All those flying monkeys freak me out, but I watched with her for awhile.
I am still trying to get in some runs outside. I have a 10k in July, so I have to stick with it. I don't think I have mentioned it on here, but I have been on a weight training program for about a year now. Still going to the gym most mornings and lifting the weights.

Both of the girls were in desperate need of haircuts, so we went to see Ms. Jennifer and the
girls lost some curls.

We are officially out of school and on summer vacation now!! The first day, we all slept in and took it easy. It was wonderful! Since then our days have been busy with travel, tennis and swimming lessons. I am trying to find some sort of schedule for the summer. It always takes awhile to adjust.

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