Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back in September

I have not done a good job at this blogging thing.  So today, is catch up day on here.  We had a lot of stuff going on in September, but the biggest news..... my parents moved to Georgia !!
The girls were looking out the window and waiting impatiently for Nana and Papa to arrive.
My parents stopped on the way from Montana and picked up my sister. She helped
them drive to Georgia.  So for a day and half we were all together :)
At the DMV getting official GA drivers licenses!!

Other September happenings.............................
We were big winners at Bingo night!!
Soccer pictures were taken and Rebecca had her first try at goalie.
Visit to the dentist. 
Rachel went to national "meet me at the pole" day at her school.
The schools had a time of prayer for the school, state, and country before the 
start of school one morning.

Raphael and I met with some friends at Top Golf. It is a new indoor/ outdoor golf place and it was so fun! I had never golfed before and I have a lot to learn. It was a good night out with friends.
And Miss Lola. I had to share her picture, because in September it was "national black dog day ".

That was September and now I will do my best to get up to date on our October happenings.

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