Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Over the Weekend

Friday was the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11. Each year the MOMS Club that I
belong to does a little something for the local firemen and police men in remembrance
of all the first responders that died that day.  This year  we baked cookies and cupcakes and
delivered to the fire stations and police department. Raphael brought home cookie cakes 
for each station too.  
Saturday was the first official soccer game for Rebecca. This year is a bit different- the girls are all
older, so now they play 5 against 5, there is a goalie and a referee. The field size is bigger too.
I think they all did great, considering the new changes and they only had one practice so far.
Her coach, is super nice and seems to know what is going on. His name is Dave, so the team
name is Dave and Chipmunks :)

After soccer, we drove straight to the tennis courts. Rachel played her first official
tennis match. I signed her up with ALTA and she played doubles with a girl from
her tennis academy group.

Nyla and Rachel.  
Nyla is a great player and has played matches before, she was so nice
 and helpful with Rachel. Rachel was very nervous and there are a lot of rules and details to remember for tennis. Thankfully, the girls won their match! A good confidence booster
for Rachel. 
The weather has been picture perfect for fall. So after church the girls and I went to the park.
They ran around for a while and then we went to check out an old grist mill and pond.
It was a good weekend!

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