Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Refresh Summit 2014- The South

Way back in November, I drove to Franklin Tennessee area to attend a women's retreat. Several bloggers organized the weekend to help women focus on God, friendships, food and fitness.
                Megan, Amia, Bobbi, Lindsey and Brittany-- these ladies organized  and hosted the event.

I invited several of my friends, but no one was able to come with me. So I drove up to Tennessee. I didn't realize the time changed by a hour, so I wandered around the little town of Franklin until it was time to check in.
Our weekend was spent at Deer Run Retreat Center. It was out in the country, so very peaceful and beautiful and no distractions.
The first night we all got acquainted and had dinner together. I met my roommate, Liz, who had come from North Carolina . About fifty ladies total attended the retreat and over 15 states were represented.
There were different workshops to attend- I did boot camp first.
Then I tried PiYo which is Pilates and yoga combined.
I also went to a class on body image and a cooking class too.
We did a huge zumba class all together.
The dining room was simple and pretty. The staff cooked us
some amazing food!
We all had a coffee cup to call our own.
There was lots of time for Bible study, walks, talking, eating and sleeping.
All the speakers had great ideas and points that they shared---
Lindsey, shared about her struggle with an eating disorder and we talked about
how we see ourselves and our bodies. She stressed the importance to love the body
that God gave us and to stop comparing all the time. Also, so many of us spend hours exercising,
deciding what to eat, or not to eat, looking at healthy living articles/books, talking with
friends about our weight, diets, exercise,etc.... She said, "imagine if we took all the time
we spend worrying about our bodies and put that time and energy into the relationships of
the people we love and The Lord- how much stronger those relationships would be ." Amen!
The main speaker, Amia asked us..........
Are we following the road God has chosen for us?
Or are we dragging Him along with us where we chose to go.
A few of my roommates--Michelle, Liz, me, Lindsay.
Michelle and Lindsay came together from Pennsylvania and
they were so nice and funny. We spent a lot of time laughing.
It was a great weekend away!

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