Friday, December 19, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

This has been a busy week for the girls, with lots of Christmas activities going on everywhere. Today was the last day of school and now we are on Christmas vacation! Here is what we have been up to....
Rachel is part of the children's choir at church and they performed a Christmas show on Sunday night. The kids did great and Rachel is in red on the top row.
                      We have been keeping up with some of the Christmas time activities and traditions.
                          The girls decorated a gingerbread house pretty much by themselves last week.
Making gingerbread men.
We went to Macys and the girls wrote and mailed a letter to Santa.
Then we talked with Santa for awhile.
We finally made it to Wendy's for a Frosty treat.
Thank you Nana and Papa!!
I love this Christmas CD by Michael Buble.
I have been listening to it a lot the past few weeks.
I had Christmas lunch with the girls. My first lunch with Rebecca
and my last with Rachel.
I remember in my church growing up having an Advent wreath and candles during Christmas.
I finally made one for our house and we have been doing simple Advent readings.
Today was party day at school!

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