Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family Camp

We spent the Fourth of July weekend at family camp with my parent's church. I grew up going to church camp, but it was the first time the girls had been and they had a lot of fun.
At camp we had chapel a couple of times each day and then time to do activities.
We went zip lining-- scary at first, but so fun.
Rachel made several new friends!
One afternoon, the camp went to Hyalite Canyon for canoeing and water fun.
Rebecca "decorated" a rock and made a face on it.
My parents renewed their wedding vows.
It had been several years since we were all together, so we took some family pictures.
My sister Amy and her husband Jon.
Their two boys--Micah and Isaac.
Colleen and Chet
Thankful for the time at family camp!

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