Friday, April 25, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

Some pictures from  the past few weeks.....

                              Rebecca found an old DVD we have with Bible songs on it. We have been watching it a lot around our house and it makes me laugh how Rebecca sings along.

Rebecca has been wanting the Hungry, hungry Hippo game for the longest time. I finally broke down and bought it for her. She loves it, but it is SO loud.
I noticed a few weeks ago that our washer was leaking water. We have a front loader and the big rubber circle in the front had worn out. Raphael was Mr. Fix-it and replaced it all by himself!
Queen Rebecca
At preschool Rebecca has been learning the letters of the alphabet. Last week they had a special day--
" Queens and Quarterbacks". All the girls came dressed as queens and the boys as quarterbacks. They had a pretend wedding where the letter Q got married to U. I thought it was pretty clever!
This morning at school was Muffins and Moms.
And this afternoon, I took Rebecca to register her for kindergarten!!!
Not sure how it is possible for her to be old enough to go to elementary school??
She was very excited and did great in the little "interview" she had with a kindergarten teacher.
My baby is growing up!
But we still have a couple weeks of preschool left, so trying to enjoy the days.

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