Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

We had a good weekend and were busy with a bunch of different activities. Saturday was rainy and windy, so Rebecca's soccer game was cancelled. She was a little sad, because it was her turn to bring snacks for the team. We stayed home and dyed Easter eggs and did some work around the house.
Saturday night, Rebecca and I went to a birthday party at the YMCA.
It was a swimming party for her friend Carter. I counted twelve boys and then there was Rebecca. She had a fun time and wore herself out swimming.
Raphael and Rachel went to a party at Carlos and Veronica's house.
Sunday morning Rebecca woke us all up and they searched for eggs and Easter baskets. Next year, I am going to have to hide the eggs better, they found most of the eggs in about two seconds.
Rachel went back to bed and I went for a run.
We got ready for church and I tried to take a few pictures of the girls.
After church we ate the usual Easter dinner and took a couple of family photos.
We took the girls to see the movie Rio2 and then time for bed!

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