Tuesday, March 4, 2014

AWANA Games 2014

This past Saturday, Rachel participated at church in the AWANA games. They have been practicing each Wednesday for a few weeks and finally time for the competition.
It was a busy Saturday morning for us- I had an appointment, Rebecca had her first soccer game and then I had to get Rachel to church for the games. Raphael took Rebecca to soccer and joined us later.
There were three other churches with teams and the our team was the blue team. The team Rachel was on won the first round and then went onto the finale.
The games lasted about three hours and Rebecca did pretty well. I packed snacks, she cheered on Rachel's team and did play some games on Raphael's phone for a while.
In the finale, the blue team ended up placing second. They lost by one point! Rachel was disappointed, but dealt with it fine. Afterwards, we went out for lunch to celebrate.

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