Monday, December 16, 2013

The Sound of Music

                            We had a weekend that was filled with music in one way or another.

First, Rachel went with a group of girls from her AWANA class and they sang Christmas carols at a nursing home. Rachel had a chance to do this last year and she realized how much the residents truly enjoy having the girls visit and sing. After singing, they all went for lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Then Saturday night, Raphael and I went out for a date night. We started at a pizza place called Antico. Raphael had been a few times with friends from work. It is a popular place and super busy on Saturday night. It was standing room only and we literally ate standing up at a little metal table in the corner.
After dinner, we went to Philips Arena for a concert. Raphael was able to get tickets from work for us and two of our friends. We saw Pink perform and it was an incredible show. A fun night!
It was a late night and then up early for Rachel.
 She had a performance at church for the children's choir that she is a part of. This year the choir did a show called "We three Spies". They sang and danced their little hearts out.

I took this one during the rehearsal before church.
After the show, Rebecca wanted a picture with Rachel.
Rachel wanted lunch out and she picked Subway. After that we ran a quick errand and came home to rest up and the girls played for awhile.

Raphael and I headed back to Atlanta for one more concert! We heard Andrea Bocelli sing.
Absolutely incredible concert. He has been given a special gift to sing like he does.
It is so hard to get a decent picture in the arena with all the different lights.
We had a nice night out and it was fun to dress up.
(Notice anything different?? Raphael shaved off his mustache!)
So music was a big part of the our weekend.
Only five days of school and then Christmas vacation!!

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