Friday, December 13, 2013

Photos from my Phone Friday

I keep hoping that I will get my act together and blog some other time besides on Fridays, but life has been too busy lately and so this seems to be the best I can manage :)

Michelle, Meredith and Kelly
Last week I went to my MOMS club Christmas party and these are some of my
friends that were there.
Holiday traffic--yikes!
I was not in the decorating spirit this year.
 And I never know how to decorate our mantles, so this year I went with simple.
Lola found a comfy spot to rest.
I was wrapping presents and Rebecca took some paper and made a "snowman".
Not sure why Lola does this?
She likes to sit by the tree and guess thought the present made a good place to sit.
It has felt like another long week, which is good and bad.
Busy weekend ahead and looking forward to some fun!! 

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