Sunday, October 20, 2013

Warbington Farms

Last year for Christmas, I got my iPhone and I started using it to take pictures because it was so easy. A couple of weeks ago, the new iPhone5 came out and also updates for older phones. So, I updated my phone and ever since I have been having troubles. I take pictures with my phone, but it won't send the photos to our laptop.  We have done some fun stuff over the past couple of weeks, but I haven't been blogging since I don't have the pictures to prove it!

Last night I charged up the battery for our big DSLR camera and today we went on a field trip!

Today was a picture perfect fall day. The girls and I skipped church and drove about an hour to Warbington Farms. It is a family farm with pumpkins, petting zoo, hayrides, etc......

                We went on a tractor ride to the cow fields and got to call the cows to come eat dinner.

                                                                 A favorite of Rebecca's- the corn box.
                                                                        Me and the girls.

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