Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Time and Some Other Things

                                                     So, another busy weekend for us.
First up, was Rebecca's soccer game at nine in the morning. she did score a goal this game and was very proud of herself!
It was a perfect day and I didn't want to waste it, so I took the girls to Fort Yargo for a fall festival that was going on. We toured through the fort and saw how they lived. The girls played some games and we took a hayride too.
They won the silly glasses and wanted their picture taken.
Rachel was invited to a sleepover birthday party of a classmate. Our schedule was a little crazy for Sunday morning and I am not a big fan of sleepovers, so Rachel stayed until 9p.m. and then came home. I think it worked out fine that way.
I was up way too early to get ready for a race in Atlanta on Sunday morning.
I ran in the Allstate Atlanta Half Marathon. And it was hilly! My goal was to run the race in two hours or less. My time was 2:04:15. So close, yet so far! But much faster than my first half marathon time of 2:18.
Sunday was Raphael's Birthday!!
When I came home, he opened up his gifts and cards.
Rebecca thought he needed a teddy bear :)
After church, we went to Olive Garden for a birthday lunch.
And later we had cake and ice cream.


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