Sunday, September 8, 2013

Super Busy and Super Fun Weekend

                                We had a wonderful weekend- perfect weather and lots of fun too.
Friday morning I went with my friend, Lisa, to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain. It is a huge arts and crafts type of event. I have always wanted to go and finally got the chance. There were tons of booths and so many things to look at. I did buy a few things for the girls.
A cute chevron dress for Rebecca and an outfit for Rachel's American Girl doll. I also bought the softest little blanket for Rebecca. I love the purple and yellow colors.
Saturday morning we were at the soccer fields bright and early for Rebecca's first soccer game. She is on an all girls team and it is entertaining to watch them running around. Rebecca is # 44.
             After soccer we came home to change and we headed to Fort Yargo for a little swimming.
The girls tried so many times to get into the floatie together, but tipped over each time. They had the best time together. Rachel has always wanted to rent a paddle boat, so after lunch we rented a boat for awhile. It was fun to paddle around, but a lot of work!
We went to check out a bridge. I took a picture, but my phone and computer are not talking to each other and lots of pics are stuck in my phone :(   The girls loved the little boat.
After the lake we headed back home to get ready for a dinner out. Raphael and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on Wednesday, so we went to Atlanta for dinner for a date night!
Our nice valet guy took this picture for us.
We went early church today, so we could go to swim at our friends pool. They recently moved and their neighborhood pool has a slide. The kids had the best time! Rebecca went on the slide a hundred times I think.
After the pool we were supposed to go to the first night of children's choir, but we were tired and cranky, so we came home and took it easy. We managed to pack a lot into a few days!

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