Friday, August 16, 2013

Photos from my Phone Friday

Well, we have managed to make it through the first week of fourth grade! And I am still trying to sneak in some summertime activities with Rebecca until she starts back to school in a few weeks. We haven't been up to anything too exciting around here lately, so just a few pictures from my phone.

One of the joys of having a fourth grader is that she gets to serenade us with songs from her recorder. I faintly remember learning to play on the recorder in grade school and I did play hot cross buns for Rachel the other day. She and Rebecca, who was playing a kazoo, were marching around the house the other night making noise and having fun.
This is what our walk to the bus stop has looked like everyday this week. Rebecca is slightly obsessed with the grocery buggy, filled with all sorts of treasures and wearing her rain boots. I just think to myself that by next year, she probably wouldn't be caught dead wearing her pjs to the bus stop with rain boots, so I will let her while she wants to.
A few weeks ago, we were at the park with friends and brought home a few tadpoles the girls caught. They are still alive and kicking which surprises me. I told the girls the tadpoles are going back home in a few days.
When Rachel was in Winshape Camp, she took a cooking class. The other day she made pizza rolls  all by herself and cupcakes too.
Sunday after church we went out for lunch at Macaroni Grill.
My book worms at the library.
The girls went to the dentist this week and left with prizes and balloons.

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