Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We have lived in Georgia for almost seven years and on Sunday we took our first ride on The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA .
                            The MARTA is a train system used to travel around the metro Atlanta area.
                  First, we had to buy a Breeze card, which is the card used to get on and off the train.
                                               Riding the "alligator" as Rebecca likes to say :)
We rode south from Doraville to downtown Atlanta.
In Atlanta we took a free shuttle for a quick ride to the Atlantic Station area. We stopped for lunch and then went to see the movie Monsters University- cute movie.
Coming back home, we accidentally got a red line train, but we figured out our mistake pretty quickly and changed over to a gold line train and made it back to Doraville.
It was an interesting experience and I am glad we took the girls and tried it out. I think they liked it and I hope we can ride the MARTA again sometime. It was good to get out of our routine and try something new.
                The train stations have several pay phones and Rebecca had to stop and make a call.

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