Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thirteen Point One

A couple of weekends ago I ran my first official half marathon.
When I turned 39 last year I decided that I had better get myself into better shape. So I started exercising and eating better. I slowly started running- first on our treadmill and then I moved outside.
Back in February I ran nine miles for the first time and knew then that I could run a half marathon, so I set that goal for myself and started training.
For my first half marathon I decided to pick a race close to home and smaller in size. This race was at a park and this was the a little while before the race started.
The family showed up to cheer me on! My parents helped the girls to make some signs. It was so sweet and really did help to keep my going.
                    Waving to my family.
   I trained for the race, and felt confident going into it, but I was so tired and ready to be done by mile ten.
            My cheering section!
My finishing time was two hours and eighteen minutes.
And I came in 12th place out of 28 runners in the half marathon.
       So thankful to my understanding husband and daughters.
 Training for any kind of race takes time and that means time away from the family. I really appreciate my husband holding the fort down each Sunday morning while I was out on my long runs.
I did it!
Thirteen point one miles, in a row, without stopping.
Looking forward to my next race!!

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