Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Atlanta Bontanical Gardens

The Gardens are hosting a new exhibit, huge sculptures made from thousands of little plants. It is amazing to see and so beautiful. My parents had never been to the Botanical Gardens, so we spent an afternoon there checking it all out.
                                                                                       A unicorn.
                                                                        The happy berries.
The berries were in the edible garden section and were super cute. The proper term for the sculptures is "mosaiculture".
                                                                                       The Rabbits.
                                                                                 The Ogre.
                                                                       Me and the girls near the children's garden.
           The hydrangeas are so pretty and I could have spent all afternoon the this part of the Gardens.
                                                                                         The Cobra
                                                    A closer shot of the plants used to create the sculpture.
                                                                A plant growing in the rainforest section.
                                                                                  The butterflies.

                                                                                      The fish.
                                                                          The shaggy dog.
                                                                               The goddess.
                                         She was beautiful and I think this was my favorite sculpture.

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