Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baseball Tonight

Friday night our friends invited us to go to a baseball game. There were three families with eight kids total, so it was a little bit crazy at times! The bigger kids sat at one end of the row and then the parents were scattered throughout.

I love going to baseball games. I didn't really watch much of the game because I was busy talking, eating or helping Rebecca with something, but still had a fun evening out.
Our friends that invited us-Naomi and Delrika.
Then me and Rapahel.
I didn't get a photo of Sam and Julie, but they were there too.
And no photos of the kids really. I tried, but it wasn't meant to be.
The field is designed with regular seats or seating out on the grass. In the grassy area are games and bounce houses for the kids, so of course I had to take the girls for awhile.

I was telling my friend that last time we were at a Gwinnett Braves game, Rebecca was three months old and now she is three years old! Time is zipping by!

Our days have been really hot, but it turned out to be a nice evening and we had a great time.
Since it was so close to Fourth of July, after the game there were fireworks. They were amazing! We decided next year the baseball game is the place to go for the Fourth!

I decided to include our night of baseball as part of alphabet summer. I had no idea what to do for letter G--and the Gwinnett Braves seems to work nicely!

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