Sunday, May 6, 2012

In My Camera

I have a ton of pictures living in my camera from the past few months. So here are some to remember what we have been up to lately.

Rebecca  and I went to her friend Carter's 3rd birthday a couple of weekends ago. She found this party hat and told me she was a unicorn! She has a good imagination!
Rebecca loves wearing her supergirl cape. Usually she is "strawberry shortcake supergirl"!?
We went for a walk in the neighborhood to deliver birthday party invitations for Rachel's party.
We finally made it to see the Hunger Games movie! I was so excited to see it. Before the movie we went out to eat at Red Robin. When we left the restaurant there was a family of geese sitting in the grass. The little gosslings were so cute.
                                 The girls and I went to the RocketFest at Rachel's school.

Rebecca got this hat from preschool for her birthday.
We broke down and bought a Wii. Rachel and Raphael have been having a lot of fun playing games.

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