Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's That You Say?

Since our girls are almost five years apart, sometimes I forget what Rachel was doing/saying/playing at age two or three and then Rebecca reminds me!

She is growing up, changing everyday and talking non-stop. I have been writing down some of the funny things she says---

If she sees me drinking a Diet Coke she will ask for a drink of my "Diet coat."

In the car when the girls watch a movie we have headphones they can wear and sometimes Rebecca will ask for "hellophones"

Whenever we see a water fountain, we have to stop at the "water mountain" so she can have a drink

At the mall we take the elevator sometimes and she calls it an " allijater"

She kept asking me for her Easter "bassit". Rebecca says the word basket exactly like Rachel does.

Today she wanted to wear a dress with "cocodots"/polka dots.

Some of her favorite sayings are :
"trust me"
" I changed my mind!"
"Ok, Mom if you say so....."
" Mom, I have a question for you"
" Are you kidding me?"

I want to remember that at age three Rebecca:

 ~ weighed 33 pounds!
~ pulls up a chair to the kitchen island and helps me cook dinner almost every night
~ LOVES her big sister and most days they play well together
~ likes to eat, especially spicy foods. Asks for chili at least once a week. Eats lots of raw vegetables
    and really likes mini bell peppers, onion, and cucumbers
~ knows her colors, numbers and most of the ABC's
~ likes to "read" books to me before she goes to bed
~still in enjoying Dora and Diego
~ uses a lovey whenever she goes to sleep
~ most days is not taking a nap, but is having "quiet time" in her room each afternoon
~ still sleeps in a crib! but that is changing once school is out
~ wants a piggy back ride upstairs each night from her Daddy
~ has been playing by herself lately and I love listening the conversations she has with her toys

We love you Rebecca!
               All pictures were taken by Elizabeth Sanders Photography.

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