Monday, April 2, 2012

Field Trip

The girls are out of school this week for Spring break. We don't have any big plans, I am trying to keep us busy, but not too over scheduled.  I did take Rebecca in for her three year check up this morning. All her stats look good and she didn't have to get any shots!

After the doctor I decided to take the girls to the park for awhile and then we went to a garden supply/nursery place.  I had seen an advertisement for it in the Sunday paper and thought the girls might find it interesting.

There were ponds and fountains everywhere. Rebecca loved looking at all the fish. We even found a few turtles sitting in the sunshine.

They had all sorts of goldfish and koi for sale. One of the fish was selling for over $200! Not sure what was so special about it.  They also had tadpoles and itty bitty mosquito fish for sale.

       So many beautiful flowers and plants. I need to go back by myself so I can focus and maybe get some plants for our patio.

 We finished with a walk through the butterfly house. Tons of butterflies everywhere. One landed on my hand while I was taking a picture.

                   I let the girls take home a flower. Hopefully we can keep them alive!

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