Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Week of Parties

We are having a fun and party filled week!  I guess it is the season for celebration and the girls have been jumping from one get together to the next.  Only four more parties to go!

On Wednesday at Rachel's school it was "pajama day". So all the second graders wore their pajamas to school and they watched the Polar Express movie and had snacks. Rachel thought it was the most  fun day of school ever!  A picture before she left for school--

While Rachel was in school I made some of these cute Oreo snowman pops.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought they would be cute for Rachel to take to her AWANA Christmas party.

Check out the blog for instructions on how to make them.

                                             Rachel, Sydney and Rebecca.
                            Rebecca LOVES Sydney and always wants to hug her or hold her hand.

After dinner, we picked up her friend and went to AWANA for a Christmas party. They had a wonderful time and Rebecca was very excited about a party for baby Jesus!


Then this morning was Rebecca's preschool Christmas program and party.  The program was in the church chapel and was filled to the brim with parents and family.  This was the scene when the three and four year olds came out onto the stage.  Everyone waving and trying to find thier child. 

The two year olds came out towards the end to sing a couple of songs. I was on the opposite side of where Rebecca was standing and I didn't take my paparazzi lens to get a shot of her from far away, so the pictures are a little fuzzy.

After her party we went to the worship center because I wanted to try and get her picture in front of the beautiful Christmas trees.  Rebecca wasn't too interested in a photo shoot and mostly ran around singing and dancing.

             Tomorrow is Rachel's Christmas party and then time off from school for vacation!
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