Friday, October 14, 2011

A Peek at Our Week

We had a busy week. Both of the girls were not feeling too well and Raphael was out of town, so by the end of each day I was too tired to blog. So here is a little bit of what we have been up to.....

The balloons from Raphael's birthday are starting to lose helium. The girls have spent hours playing with them around the house.

Rachel was still sick, so Wednesday morning we made another trip to the doctor. I had both of the girls and Rebecca was very energetic while we were there. By the time we left, I was ready for a nap!

                                                    It was pajama night at AWANA.

Most nights we have a few toads that appear and hang out in the driveway looking for bugs. The girls love watching them and this week we caught a little one and held him for a bit.

Thursday night was "fine art" night at school. All the kids sing and then parents have a chance to buy a pciture made by their child. Rachel's picture this year was labled "snack bar" .

And then today Rachel had her first report card of the year and a ceremony at school this morning.
She made all A's at school! She received the honor roll award and then won the good citizen award for her class. So proud of her!

Getting her award from the new principal at her school.

After school we celebrated with some yogurt at FroYo.

And that was our week!
The weekend weather looks perfect and I hope we can get out enjoy it.

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