Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kinsey Farm

Rachel was out of school early yesterday,so we took advantage of the nice weather and went to a pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm/petting zoo kind of place. We had never been before, it was really nice and the we had a fun time together.

There was a barn with goats and cows wandering around. Rachel loved the goats. Rebecca was very hesitant at first, but by the end she was feeding the goats all by herself.

We took a hayride to a pond and feed the catfish for awhile. the girls each had a wagon and loaded them up with pumpkins and gourds.

I asked a girl working at the farm to take our picture- Rebecca was worn out and ready  to go.  I need to remember to try to get the family photo at the beginning of the our adventures instead of the end.

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