Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother-Daughter Weekend

I have been wanting to take Rachel for a "Mom & Daughter" weekend for awhile now. There was finally time on the calendar, so this past Friday we headed to Atlanta for a little get-away.  I didn't tell Rachel about it until I picked her up at the bus stop, just in case something went wrong and we couldn't go. She was so excited!

We spent our time swimming, ordering room service, going to the movies, getting our nails done, shopping, eating lots of candy and snacks, the aquarium, mini-golfing, eating ice cream and just being together.

First time getting her toe nails painted! We picked out a very light pink color.

We went swimming several times. The water was so warm and they had the cutest little ducks floating around.

The elevators had chandeliers in them-Rachel thought we needed to take a picture.

The hotel was in Buckhead- the fancy part of Atlanta- and there were two big malls with very expensive stores in them across the street from us. We went to check them out and did alot of window shopping. I finally got to go into an Anthropologie Store.  Thankfully, we found a Target nearby and felt much more at home there.

The Target was two stories and they had an escalator for you cart! Never seen one before-kind of made me nervous, but had it try it out.

Sunday morning we went to the Aquarium and I think we were in and out in record time. Rachel wasn't too interested in seeing anything but the gift shop. They have dolphins at the aquarium now, but you can only see them if you buy a special ticket and of course the tickets were sold out.

Outside are dolphins that have been painted and decorated with different themes.

We finished the day with some mini golf. It was interesting- Rachel needs a little more practice before we try this again.

Her new Jackie O sunglasses!

Great weekend with my girl! Loved it and had lots of fun. Hopefully made some memories she won't forget!

And of course- BIG thank you to Raphael for taking care of Rebecca this weekend!

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