Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Garden

Earlier this spring, I decided to try and grow a little garden in our backyard. I ordered a garden kit and bought some little starter plants.

I am happy to say the despite the crazy heat and humidity and that I often forgot to water- our garden did pretty well this summer.

June 2010

 I planted cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, green peppers and lots of herbs. Most of them did well, though I only managed to get one squash. The bugs and butterflies enjoyed the garden too.

Today, I harvested the last of the veggies. I haven't watered the garden in days and it is looking pretty beat up and tired.


Our backyard has a concrete patio that I wanted to clean up and have a more comfortable spot to sit in the shade and watch the girls play. Before Rachel's party, we worked really hard at getting it nice and pretty.

Before & After
I can't remember the name of the purple plant, but the tag said "grows well in heat and humidity"
And that is exactly what summertime in the South is. I love the summertime, but I am just about over the heat and looking forward to fall. Usually a little bit after Labor Day, the humidity drops drastically and then we can finally go back outside to play!

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